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Monday, August 19, 2013

Something New

By Dr. Marian Fritzemeier, Ed.D. © 2013
Author, Speaker, Educator
On October 5th, I'm going to do something I've never done before.  For several months I've been exercising twice a week and doing some bike riding. My husband and I ride on some bike paths, but mostly I ride in our neighborhood by myself.  Well, almost by myself.

Dancing in Circles. I wear a front pack that carries my ferocious Chihuahua, Grace. Despite the fact that she barks all the time at home, she's the perfect bike passenger. She dances in circles when I ask, "Do you want to go on a bike ride?" and rarely makes a peep on the ride. I always feel safe when she rides with me.
Half-Way There. Today I'm proud of myself because I met my half way goal for my new adventure. I'll be riding a 20 mile bicycle "Fun Ride" at Clear Lake. I rode ten miles today. We're not discussing time here, just the distance. 
I Paid for That?. I've never done anything like this before. For those of you who know me, I'm not very coordinated and not even a teeny bit athletic. But I like riding my bike outside.  I love to see God's beauty and listen to the birds as I pedal along. I needed some kind of goal.

The Ride. I checked bike club rides but most are over 25 miles, so I had to start somewhere. I found this ride in a bike riding booklet. I even bought a pair of bike shorts. I never paid so much money for something so ugly. Oh, except for my hiking vest and pants when I started bird watching and hiking. I'm not sure which are the ugliest. 

What About You? So I'm doing something totally out of my comfort zone. What about you? or your children? Have your children or teens been talking about something they want to do...someday? Is there something you've thought about trying but decided not to? Schools started this week in Modesto. A new school year is the perfect time to choose to do something new. I'd like to hear your stories of your new adventures. I'll keep you posted on mine.

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